The Love of Wisdom

(Taken from a thread at Overcoming Bias)

Well of course one standard response to such complaints is: “If you think you can do better, show us.” Not just better in a one-off way, but a better tradition that could continue itself.

Can do?  It’s already been done, long ago – we call it ‘science’.

Do not confuse technicians and stylists with those that apply the scientific method.  Among those that do, some of the greatest of them made greater ‘philosophical’ progress while working and writing on matters only tangentially related to their nominal fields than countless generations of so-called philosophers who supposedly dedicated themselves to the issues.

Even an amateur scientist can quickly develop working resolutions to questions that philosophy has held up as eternal.

By this point, even an extraordinarily-unobservant thinker should have realized that philosophy isn’t about finding the answer to questions – it’s about posturing as profound while mouthing questions, then talking with others to mutually demonstrate the intellectual importance of the topic and thus those that discuss it.  It’s a form of status-masturbation.

Socrates invented the concept of philosophy, but the sophists he despised quickly stole the name he created and gave it to themselves.  There is little love of wisdom in ‘philosophy’, and much sophistry.


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