Pyrrhic Victories

Today I read what must be the tenth case this summer of someone proclaiming the last few years to be “The Age of the Geek/Nerd”, with the mainstreaming of traditionally niche cultural products including, but not limited to, comic book hero stories, computers, and video games, supposedly representing a cultural shift. The popularization of these once fringe interests is heralded as the victory of previously-excluded social misfits who now determine trends and decide what’s ‘in’.

I rather suspect that popular culture is using and exploiting the subcultures it once rejected because it’s completely exhausted more conventional modes and is desperately scrabbling for fresh content. The last few years don’t represent a renaissance of geekdom, but its consumption and digestion.

More victories like this will destroy us.


One Response to “Pyrrhic Victories”

  1. Maybe it’s the Flynn effect in … effect?
    There’s almost as many additional untapped levels of geeky culture as there are turtles standing on the backs of turtles holding up our blue planet.

    Vinge and Doctorow can rejoice. In a few years perhaps they’ll be raking in JK Rowling dough.

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