Volunteer Tomato?

I grew two Matt’s Wild Cherry tomato plants in plastic milk jugs last year, and the results were interesting.  I think one came from a seed that was the product of an unplanned cross between the wild currant it was supposed to be and a more regular variety of tomato, because it produced fruits somewhere between a quarter and a golf ball in size.  Currant tomatoes are usually closer to a nickel.

Anyway, I saved some seeds from the fruits, although I didn’t bother putting them through the proper fermentation procedure, as I wasn’t sure I wanted to replant them and figured I could always acquire more from a reputable source – hopefully, not one that would permit unplanned crosses in the named varieties for sale.

I recently noticed what is definitely a tomato plant growing under a spruce several yards down the road.  From the looks of it, it wasn’t planted, which implies it was dropped off by a bird.  I’ve heard of currant tomatoes sometimes reseeding themselves even through hard winters, but it’s unusual for them to spread, especially given that their home climate is so warm.

The plant is blooming now.  I may try to acquire a few fruits once it’s finished setting – any tomato that can survive and spread itself through the winters we have here is well worth checking out.


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